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Here some music instruments :

1) Hammond Organ XT100

It is an organ of Hammond-Suzuki, produced in 1998. It has two 49 note manuals and 13 pedals, 9+9+2 drawbars, vibrato and chorus, rhythm, and a lot of voices/instruments.
Sometimes I link it with a Roland XP-30, using it as a 3rd keyboard.
2) Hammond Organ B200

This is a portable Hammond organ, built in 1978, 44 notes on upper, 49 notes on lower manual and 13 pedals, 9+9+2 drawbars, vibrato.

Because it has no sound amplificator, I connet it to a 412 Leslie speaker, 390 W.
3) Hammond Organ H112

This is a real tonewheel organ, build in 1968, 61 notes on upper and lower manual and a 25 note pedalboard, 2 sets of 11 drawbars for upper and 2 sets of 10 drawbars for lower manual, while 2 x 2 drawbars for the pedals.
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